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An Intial Public Offering or IPO is when equity shares of a company are offered to the public on the open market i.e. the stock market for the first time. The company going public raises capital and funds by trading IPO shares. During the IPO trading, a fraction of shares are reserved for different type of investors including individual investors, Qualified Institutional Buyers and High Net worth Individuals. The IPO is either a Fixed Price Issue or Book Built Issue

Upcoming / Current IPO

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd.

  • Vijaya Diagnostic Centre is the largest integrated diagnostic chain in southern India, by revenue (Source: CRISIL report and Company RHP)
  • The issue size is estimated to be of Rs. 1,894.30 Cr( at upper price band)
  • The company filed its Red Herring Prospectus (RHP) on 24th August 2021 with SEBI

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