• TFUEL coin price is currently seeing a downside momentum on the daily chart. .In contrast ,Theta Fuel Price is trading with a loss of more than 0.23%
  • Technical Indicators of the TFUEL price suggests a downside momentum in price for future. Meanwhile, TFUEL/BTC pair is up by 0.8% in the intraday session

Why To Invest In TFUEL Coin ?

TFUEL Coin price is currently observing a downtrend on the daily chart and can soon hit the support of $0.25. Theta fuel price is currently trading near the value of $0.326 and has seen a loss of 0.23%. Theta fuel is one of the two native tokens of the Theta blockchain. It serves as the utility token in decentralized video and data delivery, it also acts as a gas token. It is also used to incentivize the users in the ecosystem who share their computing power in video distribution. One can invest in TFUEL as per their risk capacity and price action scenario.

TFUEL coin is ranked 71st in the CMC and has a market dominance of more than 0.08%. The volume to market cap ratio of the coin suggests a strong upside momentum in price for the future. One can forecast a strong gain in price for the future.

Technical Indicators Of TFUEL Suggests A Strong Upside Momentum In Price

Source: Trading view

The weekly technical chart of the TFUEL price highlights a bearish momentum in price for upcoming weeks. It has observed a loss of more than 5% in the weekly time frame.

On the daily technical, THETAFUEL price is seeing a bearish momentum on the daily chart. TFUEL price may face resistance while going upwards near $0.4   In contrast one can see the support zone in price near $0.25 .  The price is moving  above 50 and below 100 Daily Moving Average, with a negative crossover in the past. The 50MA line is near $0.38, acting as a temporary bounceback  zone. TFUEL price has formed a bearish pattern on the daily time frame.. If the price goes 15% below the current level then a strong bearish momentum can be seen.  TFUEL/BTC pair can also see a new high in the future


TFUEL  price is currently seeing a downtrend on the daily chart and can soon see a new high. TFUEL/BTC pair can also observe a breakout from the previous resistance in the future.An Investor should do their due diligence before investing.

Technical Levels

Major Support:$0.25

Major Resistance:$0.5

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