Retail investors

Small individual investors who commit capital for their personal account rather than on behalf of another company.

Retail Investor

An investor who invests small amounts of money for himself/herself rather than on behalf of anyone else. Retail investors are the polar opposite of institutional investors, which are large firms who invest on behalf of clients. Some investment vehicles require minimum investments so as to discourage retail investors from them. Retail investors are thought to be risk-averse and poorly informed compared to other investors, though there is disagreement as to how true that is. See also: Odd-Lot Theory.

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Drive Wealth, a leader in digital brokerage solutions, on Thursday announced a partnership with Vested Finance, an investment advisor and trading platform, to provide fractional share capabilities for Indian retail investors.

In fact, over $2 billion from retail investors will have been raised through DST syndications this year, representing a 10-year high.

The offer was opened to the general public and subscriptions were received from a wide range of investors: retail investors, pension fund administrators, deposit money banks, fund managers and non-bank financial institutions and other institutional investors.

Not only institutional investors but also retail investors are likely to follow the NPSs lead this year.

New Delhi: ICICI securities on Monday announced the launch of e-ATM orders that is aimed at easing retail investors trading on BSE.

While the SEC earlier wanted to restrict ICO participation to qualified institutional buyers- or the more sophisticated investors-Aquino said the corporate watchdog was now considering allowing retail investors to participate in registered ICOs.

The report also provided insights on the demographics of the Philippine stock markets retail investors. The stock market still has more male investors, as they made up 54.6 percent of total retail investors.

Male investors slightly edged female at 54.6 percent to 45.4 percent, respectively, while the majority of retail investors were aged 30 to 44.

Retail investors are still in a buying mode, as they continue to focus on finding assets that can meet the changing needs of todays consumers and produce desirable returns, according to Real Capital Markets May 2018 Retail Investor Sentiment Report.

This will allow retail investors to invest in Government Securities and hold them in existing demat accounts.

Rowe (TROW) and Vanguard have agreed to start reporting Active Share data, or the percentage of holdings that do not overlap a benchmark index, for over 400 funds enabling retail investors to decide whether they are getting their moneys worth for higher fees charged by actively managed stock funds, Reuters reports, citing New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

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