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Building better people. By simply being a part of our community and participating in our programs our promise to you is that you will become a better version of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally.

BoomFit Owners & Founders:

Charlie and Alicia Lima and their children, Cate and Anderson

We are passionate about fitness and compassionate towards all people who come to BoomFit. Our focus is to build people up, never making them feel defeated while working together towards a common goal. We aim to encourage and build self-esteem, confidence and optimal fitness through our services. We have a strong culture of honor and integrity; and want that displayed through out BoomFit in its entirety. We understand that humility and selfless service are a must if we strive to influence our BoomFit family.

Our goal is to build a relationship with all clients which will then allow us to coach them appropriately towards their fitness goals. We understand and respect that our daily attitude has everything to do with this mission being successful.




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Why BoomFit? We apply the right mindset, energy and world class motivation each and every workout. Our belief is that when you workout it makes you a better version of yourself in all areas of life. We want to hold you accountable for achieving your goals and will give you all the instruction you need and complete support, all you have to do is show up. Let us show you what world-class service looks like in the gym.

How much does it cost? We get this question every time someone calls and it is not easy to answer over the phone or through an email because it requires us to meet you in person and hear your story. After we meet with you we can put you on the best program that fits within your budget. Trust us, we know how important it is that this fit into your budget and we want you to feel like you are getting a deal.

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