31 Aug 2021

22 Carat & 24 Carat Gold Rates In Mumbai Per Gram (INR)

Gold Rate TodayGold Rate YesterdayGold Rate Change(%)
22 Carat457245690.07%
24 Carat489048870.06%

Today 24 Carat Gold Price In Mumbai (INR)

Gram24 Carat Gold Yesterday24 Carat Gold TodayDaily Price
1 GRAM488748900.06%
8 GRAM39096391200.06%
10 GRAM48870489000.06%
100 GRAM488700048900000.06%

Today 22 Carat Gold Price In Mumbai (INR)

Gram22 Carat Gold Yesterday22 Carat Gold TodayDaily Price
1 GRAM456945720.07%
8 GRAM36552365760.07%
10 GRAM45690457200.07%
100 GRAM456900045720000.07%

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rates In Mumbai for Last 30 Days

DateStandard Gold - 22 KPure Gold - 24 K
1 gram8 grams1 gram8 grams
2021-08-19₹ 4,572₹ 36,576₹ 4,890₹ 39,120
2021-08-18₹ 4,569₹ 36,552₹ 4,887₹ 39,096
2021-08-17₹ 4,573₹ 36,584₹ 4,890₹ 39,120
2021-08-16₹ 4,551₹ 36,408₹ 4,868₹ 38,944
2021-08-15₹ 4,551₹ 36,408₹ 4,868₹ 38,944
2021-08-14₹ 4,550₹ 36,400₹ 4,866₹ 38,928
2021-08-13₹ 4,492₹ 35,936₹ 4,804₹ 38,432
2021-08-12₹ 4,477₹ 35,816₹ 4,788₹ 38,304
2021-08-11₹ 4,438₹ 35,504₹ 4,746₹ 37,968
2021-08-10₹ 4,439₹ 35,512₹ 4,748₹ 37,984
2021-08-09₹ 4,511₹ 36,088₹ 4,824₹ 38,592
2021-08-08₹ 4,513₹ 36,104₹ 4,826₹ 38,608
2021-08-07₹ 4,503₹ 36,024₹ 4,816₹ 38,528
2021-08-06₹ 4,609₹ 36,872₹ 4,929₹ 39,432
2021-08-05₹ 4,632₹ 37,056₹ 4,954₹ 39,632
2021-08-04₹ 4,634₹ 37,072₹ 4,956₹ 39,648
2021-08-03₹ 4,651₹ 37,208₹ 4,974₹ 39,792
2021-08-02₹ 4,652₹ 37,216₹ 4,976₹ 39,808
2021-08-01₹ 4,652₹ 37,216₹ 4,976₹ 39,808
2021-07-31₹ 4,644₹ 37,152₹ 4,967₹ 39,736
2021-07-30₹ 4,687₹ 37,496₹ 5,013₹ 40,104
2021-07-29₹ 4,631₹ 37,048₹ 4,953₹ 39,624
2021-07-28₹ 4,620₹ 36,960₹ 4,941₹ 39,528
2021-07-27₹ 4,613₹ 36,904₹ 4,934₹ 39,472
2021-07-26₹ 4,622₹ 36,976₹ 4,943₹ 39,544
2021-07-25₹ 4,622₹ 36,976₹ 4,943₹ 39,544
2021-07-24₹ 4,623₹ 36,984₹ 4,945₹ 39,560
2021-07-23₹ 4,640₹ 37,120₹ 4,963₹ 39,704
2021-07-22₹ 4,627₹ 37,016₹ 4,949₹ 39,592
2021-07-21₹ 4,645₹ 37,160₹ 4,968₹ 39,744
2021-07-20₹ 4,672₹ 37,376₹ 4,997₹ 39,976

Historical Price of Gold Rates In Mumbai

The trend of Gold Rate in Mumbai for March 2021 (rates per gram for 22/24 carat gold)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
March 1st RateRs. 4,262 /- per gramRs. 4,558 /- per gram
March 31th RateRs. 4,400 /- per gramRs. 4,706 /- per gram
Highest March RateRs. 4,400 /- per gramRs. 4,706 /- per gram
Lowest March RateRs. 4,249 /- per gramRs. 4,544 /- per gram

The trend of Gold Rate in Mumbai for April 2021 (rates per gram for 22/24 carat gold)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
April 1st RateRs. 4,518 /- per gramRs. 4,832 /- per gram
April 30th RateRs. 4,309 /- per gramRs. 4,609 /- per gram
Highest April RateRs. 4,655 /- per gramRs. 4,979 /- per gram
Lowest April RateRs. 4,309 /- per gramRs. 4,609 /- per gram

The trend of Gold Rate in Mumbai for May 2021 (rates per gram for 22/24 carat gold)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
May 1st RateRs. 4,751 /- per gramRs. 5,081 /- per gram
May 31th RateRs. 4,517 /- per gramRs. 4,831 /- per gram
Highest May RateRs. 4,765 /- per gramRs. 5,096 /- per gram
Lowest May RateRs. 4,517 /- per gramRs. 4,831 /- per gram

The trend of Gold Rate in Mumbai for June 2021 (rates per gram for 22/24 carat gold)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
June 1st RateRs. 4,515 /- per gramRs. 4,828 /- per gram
June 30th RateRs. 4,765 /- per gramRs. 5,096 /- per gram
Highest June RateRs. 4,797 /- per gramRs. 5,131 /- per gram
Lowest June RateRs. 4,515 /- per gramRs. 4,828 /- per gram

The trend of Gold Rate in Mumbai for July 2021 (rates per gram for 22/24 carat gold)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
July 1st RateRs. 4,644 /- per gramRs. 4,967 /- per gram
July 31th RateRs. 4,530 /- per gramRs. 4,845 /- per gram
Highest July RateRs. 4,699 /- per gramRs. 5,026 /- per gram
Lowest July RateRs. 4,530 /- per gramRs. 4,845 /- per gram

The trend of Gold Rate in Mumbai for August 2021 (rates per gram for 22/24 carat gold)

Gold Rates22 Carat24 Carat
August 1st RateRs. 4,572 /- per gramRs. 4,890 /- per gram
August 19th RateRs. 4,652 /- per gramRs. 4,976 /- per gram
Highest August RateRs. 4,652 /- per gramRs. 4,976 /- per gram
Lowest August RateRs. 4,438 /- per gramRs. 4,746 /- per gram

Of all the minerals mined from the Earth, none has been as influential upon mankind as gold. Its usefulness is derived from a diversity of unique properties. Gold conducts electricity, does not rust, is very easy to work with, is ductile and malleable and can be hammered into thin sheets, alloyed with many other metals, can be melted and cast into highly intricate pieces, has a wonderful yellow color and a brilliant sheen. Gold is a versatile metal that is even edible!

From time immemorial, Gold has been one of the most popular investment instruments for Indians. Gold prices have risen considerably in the past few years.

Measurement of gold

The weight of gold is measured in grams or troy ounces (1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams).

What is karat?

Gold measurements can be a bit confusing. The weight of gold is measured in troy ounces (1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams), but its purity or quality is measured in a few different ways: parts fine, % gold, and karats. There is a major point of confusion between carat, and “karat”, both of which are different from each other. Carat is a measure of weight for precious stones, and karat is a purity measure for gold. However, in recent times, both carat and karat to indicate fineness of gold are considered correct.

22 karats and 24 karats in gold define their purities. It refers to the ratio of an alloy mixed with gold, such as copper, silver or zinc. Since pure gold is very soft, it needs to be alloyed with another metal in order to allow it to be made into jewelry, coins, etc.

24 karat is 99.9% purer form of gold while 22 karat is 91.6% is pure. That is why the price of 24 karats is higher than 22 Karat.

Following is the fineness scale which is used while defining the purity of gold:

24 K = 99.9% Pure

22 K = 91.6% Pure

18 K = 75% Pure

14 K = 58.5% Pure

10 K = 41.7% Pure

Factors That Determine Gold Prices in Mumbai

While the demand for gold has a role to play in its fluctuating price, there are several other factors that determine the price of gold.  Following is an overview of some of the factors that affect the price of gold in Mumbai:

Consumption demand

Traditionally, there is a surge in gold demand during festive seasons, leading to an upsurge in gold prices. Demand for gold in Mumbai is due to several reasons: festive seasons, tradition, and financial protection. Since gold is viewed by Indian consumers as both an investment and an accessory, the demand for gold naturally rises, especially during festive seasons. Traditional investors believe in the safety of investment as a factor, contributing to the rise in the price of gold.

US dollar

Gold and dollar share an inverse relationship as international gold is dollar-denominated. Hence, a weakening dollar pushes up gold prices and vice versa. Various factors attribute to this—a falling dollar increases the value of currencies of other countries. This increases the demand for gold amongst other commodities. As US dollar starts to lose its value, investors look for alternative investment sources. This pushes the demand for gold, as it’s a great alternative for those investors. When the US dollar is strong, investors invest in the currency rather than in the precious metal.


When inflation rises, the value of the currency goes down and therefore people invest in gold in order to hedge themselves from falling currency value. Hence, during times of inflation, especially over a longer period, gold becomes a tool to hedge against uncertainties. This cause the price of gold in Mumbai to rise.

Interest rates

When fixed deposit interest rates rise, investors look to invest in such investment instruments that yield a fixed return, unlike gold which does not guarantee any such return. So, demand takes a back seat with prices falling. Alternatively, when fixed-income investment interest rates fall, investors prefer investing in gold as an alternative investment option. Thus, the demand for gold rises, pushing up the price.

Festive seasons

It is no surprise that demand for gold rises during auspicious festivals, thereby pushing up the price of gold in Mumbai.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, when demand for gold increases in the international market, the price of gold naturally increases in Mumbai too. It is important to note that gold prices can also vary across different states and cities in India. This is due to the transportation cost associated with importing and transport of gold. Another reason is the amount of demand in different cities.

Buy in gold in Mumbai

Investing in gold can be an expensive process and it is important to research gold rates before buying. You should not blindly trust the price quoted by the jeweler as there are many factors that affect the final amount that you will be paying for your jewelry. Amongst these factors are gold price, making charges, the value of gems and so on. Gold prices fluctuate daily, and you must observe market trends. This will help you make an informed decision on when to buy or sell. While buying gold, always ensure that the gold is certified. You might also want to consider buying gold online, as it is convenient. However, you must be very careful about buying only from trusted certified sellers to avoid getting scammed.

If you are buying gold jewelry that has gemstones in it, beware. Some jewelers might weigh the entire piece and charge for it at the price of gold. Hence, you should always be alert while buying jewelry.  In case you wish to sell your gem-studded jewelry, the jeweler would normally deduct the stone weight and impurity from the total value.

Thus, while buying gold jewelry with gems in it, one should know that the value of gold in the piece must be calculated based on the entire weight of the jewelry minus weight of gemstones or diamonds. The cost of gemstones should be added separately.

Buy gold coins in Mumbai: Gold coins are extremely popular in Mumbai as a gift on auspicious occasions. It also makes for an excellent investment choice since gold coins are available in different weights, which gives investors the freedom to choose according to their budget. Always buy certified gold coins from banks or licensed jewelers. Gold coins can be bought online as well, although it can be risky to buy. Make sure to buy from a certified jeweler/seller only. Ensure that you get a purity certificate when you buy a gold coin.

Buy gold bars: The most important thing to keep in mind while buying any kind of gold is to check the current market rates. Gold bars can be purchased from banks and big jewelers, as they are typically kept for serious investors. These bars typically range from 500 gm to 1kg.

Disclaimer: The information on the prices of the gold rate is merely indicative and is susceptible to change with market value and is provided on an as-is basis. The information contained here is not intended as investment advice. CreditMantri is in no way responsible for any loss arising from the use of data contained on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions: Gold Rates in Mumbai Today

1. Where can I get a regular update on gold rates in Mumbai?

You can check online portals such as CreditMantri for the latest gold prices in Mumbai.

2. Can I invest in gold without buying it in physical form?

Yes, you can invest through gold bonds, derivatives, gold ETF and jeweler schemes. These methods allow you to invest a regular sum of income and earn the value as per economic conditions.

3. How long does it take to check the purity of gold?

It just takes a maximum of 15 minutes to check the gold. You can check the purity of gold at the hallmarking centers across India.

4. Why do gold prices in Mumbai differ from other cities?

Gold is a precious commodity that is imported from foreign countries. Cities that have ports have the chance of accessing gold much quicker. Mumbai is a port that allows easy access to gold. Hence the chances are higher that gold prices in Mumbai may vary from other cities.

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