From Agricultural Roots


Mike Naig grew up on a family farm in the northwest corner of the state near Cylinder, Iowa and he continues to be involved in the operation today.

Mike is a graduate of Buena Vista University in Storm Lake with degrees in biology and political science. He and his wife Jaime have three boys.


Mike was elected as the 15th Iowa Secretary of Agriculture in November 2018. He previously served as the Deputy Secretary at the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.

In a state where agriculture is a leading economic driver, Mike knows that protecting our air, soil and water is essential to our success. He works with initiatives that encourage public-private partnerships and leads efforts that will protect our natural resources.

Focused on the Future of Iowa Agriculture

As Secretary, he is committed to lead efforts to expand economic opportunities for Iowans and is an advocate on behalf of the hard-working men and women who keep us fed and fueled.

Attracting and retaining talent in Iowa agriculture is a reoccurring topic during his 99 county visits and Mike believes we need to continue to engage young people and encourage them to pursue rewarding careers in agriculture.

As the Secretary of Agriculture, he is focused on the following commitments:


Julie Kenney, Iowa Deputy Secretary of Agriculture

Julie Kenney grew up on a family farm near Lohrville, Iowa helping her parents and grandparents with their crop, livestock, and seed dealership. Today, Julie and her husband, Mark, and two children own and operate a corn and soybean farm in Story County. She received a marketing degree from Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. Julie has been an advocate for Iowa agriculture across the country through her work with the CommonGround program, a project dedicated to removing the misconceptions and myths surrounding farming and food, and by regularly hosting international visitors and media/online influencers on her farm. Before joining the Department, Julie had been active in the agribusiness industry for nearly 15 years, serving in marketing and communications roles for private industry, state, and national associations and checkoff programs. Julie was appointed Iowa Deputy Secretary of Agriculture in 2018. As Deputy Secretary, Julie is responsible for the operations of the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, focusing on policy, budget, and personnel.

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