This is HIGHEST Delivery stock list for NSE stock exchange and is better detailed than MoneyControl list!

stocks with high delivery means that people took positions in those stocks, for a few days or for months, and rest of the quantity was traded by intraday traders. Likewise, stocks with low delivery volumes means that a lot of intraday trades happened in the stock during the day, but most of those were intra day trades, and delivery is not taken in these stocks.

What does High and Low Delivery mean for you?

Stocks with high delivery would reflect that something substantial has changed in the company, specially if delivery volumes are high over a couple of days, and that people are willing to buy and hold the stock, for example, expectations of good results in this quarter. Likewise, if delivery volumes are low then it means that the stock gave a run up because of a news or speculation, and people are not yet willing to buy and hold the stock.

Below is the list of HIGHEST Delivery stocks for NSE exchange. These are top stocks which gave HIGHEST Delivery during the last 1 sessions. You can switch between timeframes by clicking the links below. Additionally, the list is filtered to show only those stocks which had substantial volumes and are not penny stocks. Penny stocks and low volume stocks with full delivery are mostly manipulated anyways. You should stay away from those anyways...
This is why Munafa delivery lists shows only those top stocks which had substantial volumes, and also traded above a certain level!

1 day Highest Delivery 5 day Highest Delivery 10 day Highest Delivery 20 day Highest Delivery

1 day Lowest Delivery 5 day Lowest Delivery 10 day Lowest Delivery 20 day Lowest Delivery

Top HIGHEST Delivery stocks for NSE


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