No. Types of Charges Non-Margin Margin
Cash Trading Collateral Trading Margin/Margin plus Trading
I Account Opening Fee      
  1. Ad-Valoren Stamp duty on Share Margin Financing Agreement (“SMFA”) - - 0.5% of Approved limit
  2. Processing Fee - - RM50.00
  3. Opening of CDS Account with Bursa Malaysia Depository (BMD) Account RM10.00 RM10.00 RM10.00
  4. Nominal stamping for:      
  • Nominee Agreement
RM10.00 RM10.00 RM10.00
  • Letter of Offer*
RM10.00 RM10.00 RM10.00
  • Memorandum of Deposit
- - RM10.00
  • Duplicate SMFA
- - RM10.00
  5. Others - stamping for stamping for :-      
  • Letter of Set-Off (for opening of Collateral Trading)
- RM10.00 -
  • Letter of Set-Off (for FD pledged as collateral – 1st party)*
- 0.5% of FD value RM10.00
  • Letter of Pledging Fixed Deposit Receipt (Third Party) *
  0.5% of FD value RM10.00
  • Letter of Guarantee*
- - RM10.00
  * if applicable  
II Nominee Charges  
  1. Share Transfer Out  
  • Service Charge
RM10.00 per counter
  2. Handling of Cash Distribution / Dividend Reinvestment   
  • Service Charge
RM2.50 per dividend cheque / payment
RM2.50 per Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) subscription
  • Stamp duty
RM10.00 per Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) subscription
  3. Handling of Rights / Restricted Issue / Other for sale:  
  • Service Charge
RM2.00 per subscription
  • Stamp duty
RM10.00 per subscription
  4. Handling of Redemption / Conversion of Securities, Merger & Acquisition, Capital Repayment  
  • Service Charge
RM5.00 per application
  5. Handling of Bonus Issue  
  • Service Charge
  6. Execution of Proxy Form  
  • Service Charge
  7. Splitting/ Replacing lost subsidiary Income Tax Certificate  
  • Service Charge
The 1st copy at RM10.00 and RM3.00 for subsequent copies
  8. Replacement of lost cheque issued by Share Registrar:  
  • Nominal stamping for Letter of Indemnity
RM10.00 per application
  • The Nominee fees and charges are not inclusive of Third Party fees and charges that may be applicable in respect of Beneficial Owner’s subscription of Nominee Services listed above.

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