I am a trader and I was wandering here and there but when I found you , I found the way .. you are god of psychology of trading Mark I owe you for whatever I know about trading psychology .You will be missed forever and you will find a special place in my heart and MY MIND... love u mark where ever u r... rest in peace

I just want to thank you Mark. You changed my mind and thus my life. Ive been repeating your video conference over and over again. So Im sure youll live forever in our hearts of traders.

Thank you for leaving a legacy and sharing your hard earned knowledge for all of us to soak up and use to improve our lives.

Thank you for all of your work, Mark. I am forever in debt.

Mark Douglas and his videos energized me in my stock investing. I am new to investing but old (75)enough to know not to jump into a stock without researching first. When I learned about Mark and his teaching, I was so excited to hear that he talks about probability as part of the process. I loved studying statistics in my undergrad work and I knew that his teaching would be something I could get into. I love the way he taught with such intense love of his subject and his strong desire for everyone to understand what he saying, or in his words you with me on this? I was sad to learned that he had passed as I was hoping to someday meet him and show my appreciation for his sharing. Paula, I am happy that you are carrying on your great work. I am now reading Trading in the Zone. This book, at my side, will always keep Mark with me. Thank you both for your great work. You help many people. God bless you. Wayne Holmes, Milan, TN

I Just Wanted to Say that Mark Douglas Books Changed my Life as a Trader and I am glad that I was able to read the work of a Great Author and a Great Man that helped so many people through his teaching style..

I was devastated to find out this sad news last year and wanted to still pay my respects, I wish I could´ve met Mark , he was an awesome trader /teacher

I have found priceless, inexplicable, unimaginable ammounts of life altering information, wisdom and guidance in your teachings. I wish I could have met you and just shake your hand. You changed my life for the better. I will always respect you.

Your teachings changed my life. Thank you.

I am a newer trader that was making too many mistakes. A friend recommended Trading In the Zone to me. I purchased the audio version last week and have been listening in the car, to and from work. I feel like Mark is speaking directly to me through his words, I noticed improvement right away. I decided to look into Mark a little further and was so saddened to learn he has left us. I am sure that I am one of millions he has helped. RIP sir, and thank you.

I never knew Mark either. I just wanted to let people know that his book changed my worldview. And Im clearly not alone. Much love and take care.

Thank you for all your kind messages. We are still open for business! Our work continues. markdouglas.com

I never knew Mark, but I read his book, Trading in the Zone, and it was truly a life-changing book. The ideas and principles that he applies to trading can easily be applied to every area of ones life. Today, I searched his name on Google to see if I could find contact information to send him an email thanking him for sharing his knowledge, but I found this instead, so I guess I will say thank you here. Thank you, Mark for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with the world!

How I wish I read his books and saw his videos earlier. How I wish I met him once before his passing, shook his hand and said Thank You Mark. You changed my mind, my ability to perceive and trade confidently for consistent profits. Many thanks

I´m new to trading, and was introduced to the work of this great man. What an impact he´s had! What a legacy he´s left! I would´ve have loved to have attended one of his educational workshops, and to have shaken his hand afterwards. I will continue to read more of his books

Mark forever changed my life. I am saddened to hear of his passing. His work transcended the finacial world and helped me to transform my mind and have an impact on so many others. I am so grateful for his work and dedication to the meta-physical side of life! Thank you Mark!

For strengthening my hope for trading success, for getting me back on track, for giving me what to focus on and an area of specialty, thank you so much Mark Douglas.May your soul Rest In Peace.Amen.

It is very heartening to hear your kind words. Mark was definitely one of a kind! His biography will be out in early 2021 - I know you will enjoy it. Feel free to call my office regarding new products/workshops!

Thank you Mark for everything impacted on my trading belief system.

Thanks to all of you who continue to support the field of Trading Psychology that Mark and I co-founded together years ago. Our work continues with new books and current workshops. Stay in touch! www.behind-wall-street.com

Dear Mark Douglas Family, students, and friends IMHO Trading In the Zone is by far the Holy-Grail for trading successfully. I wished I read his book when I first started my trading journey I also know it wasnt meant to be until it did.Im so grateful for having the opportunity to take advantage of it Thanks Again !!! Rip Mark Ki !! Jaya !!

Dear Mister Douglas, iam so thankful to you. You are a Musician like Depeche Mode for me. You Mindeset book disciplin trader i have red several times... loved to say thank you... your personality must be canonize from New York Stock Exchange ! regards from Germany Rezipr0k

I used to be a complete disaster in trading area and constantly losing money because of my attitude toward the markets. I was in a lot of pain and in one point I nearly was going to die because of the amount of pressure that i was feeling on my shoulders. but this man was my savior! although I never had the chance to meet him or have direct contact to him to thank him but he is always alive in my heart. by reading his books and watching his seminars and workshops over and over again, I finally got the idea of what it means to be a consistently successful trader. Marks materials and educations not only helped me in trading area but in other aspect of my life Ive became a better person. Mark is and will be the greatest teacher of my life and I owe him a lot, my biggest grief is that I wish I had the chance to meet him. he was defiantly one of the greatest and I always will be thankful of him.
R.I.P dear Mark

I am sure i will see you in another day,another place and huge you as hard as i can.oh my dear Mark,you did not know me but i learned a lot of things from you.Not just trading but also the true way of thinking and living.thank you and GOD bless you.sooner or later i will see you my friend but until that day i will never forgive your smile and your favors.thank you Mark and God bless you.
one of your true lovers,Reza Talebi,IRI

He was a Major Influence in My Learing to Day Trading... He had His Own Special Style... and it Saddens Me to Hear of His Passing... He will be missed... but Not Forgotten...

Johny 52/50 Day Trading Thompson


January 25, 2020

Im shocked to find out that Mark passed. I became a CTA and was given a large allocation in a fund, but was unable to cope with the responsibility of managing public money I was absolutely frozen, unable to pick up the phone to place a trade. Mark turned my trading and my life around. A warm, kind, and wonderful guy

This man helped turn me into a consistently profitable trader. I am forever grateful. Very smart and humble man. Rare indeed.

To all of you sending condolences - I appreciate your kind words. I am his partner and wife, so please know that our work continues! We are continuing to publish new materials - feel free to contact us - www.markdouglas.com.

I LOVE Mark, his work changed my trading life & personal life, I would have loved the chance to meet him & show him how gratefull I am for his impact in my life but i trust & believe hes sees from heaven the impact he had on me & how much grateful I am for him, may his soul rest & peace but his legacy live on forever❤❤❤..#RestInPowerLegend❤❤❤

OMG I just found out listing to John Carter... I am from Chicago so this hits home... His books and seminars have been instrumental to my success as a trader.

Thank you to all for your kind words about my best friend, business partner, and husband.

Our work continues, feel free to call me - www.markdouglas.com

Its December of 2018 and Mr. Douglas work continues to inspire. As a beginning trader his teachings have been very important to me and many others that I have recently heard from. Thank you for giving so much of your wisdom to others.

Hi Mark, I read your books so many times and really appreciated your work & passion to help Traders like myself to be a better Trader (trading well rather than trade right). I did not have the possibility to meet you in person but I would like to send you a hug through this Guest Book page to you.

Rest in piece Mark.


Giuliano A Decorato

DerivTrades Investing FZE

Please note - There will be a celebration of Marks life with his family on November 10, 2018 at White Chapel Cemetery @ 11:30 a.m., in Troy Michigan. Contact Paula T. Webb for details.

Mark may you rest in peace sir, you have helped change my life in the world of trading many times over. I thank you for your contribution. I often refer others to your books. My favorite Trading In The Zone. Rest In Peace Sir

Mark, I never knew about you until after you transitioned from this life to the next, but I want to thank you for you insights and wisdom.
No Fear.

I just finished Trading in the Zone after watching videos of Marks teachings on how to trade consistently, he literally saved my Trading life. I just discovered he had died almost 3 yrs. ago. Imagine he has changed my life and he is not even alive today. He will always be alive as long as someone reads one of his books or watches his videos.

A year has come and gone and still its a rare day that I dont think of you and the conversations we had. Especially those when you were penning that frustrating last chapter of your final book. The last chapter of life as we knew it. I miss you Mark.

Many Traders owe you so much. More than they will ever know.

You were and are, one of the Good Guys.

Trading in the Zone made me me a better Trader, but your friendship made me a better man. Thank you for that.

Enjoy the journey...

Mark Douglas really got through to me with his books and is one of the main reasons for my success in the markets. I will forever continue to refer to his books throughout my career. A brilliant mind and seemed like a down to earth and brilliant person. RIP mate.

Theres no time like present... I could not have imagined that Mark would be gone so soon and so fast. I wish we had spent more time together.

Dear Paula,
The love and good times you and Mark shared so freely are some of the high lights of my living in Arizona. Mark will always be remembered in the hearts of those who were blessed to know him.
Mark will Always be around!! May peace be in your heart.


So many people on this planet are better people for having crossed paths with you either in person or via your teachings.

That book that over 10 years ago you inspired me to write, and for which you provided so much advice and guidance, especially on the creative process, will become a published reality next week. Thank you. Your inspiration lives on.


My dear friend. I will always remember your kindness, wit and wisdom. I feel so blessed for having had the chance to know you. My condolences to your wife Paula and your siblings. Till we meet again.

Cannot believe Mark isnt with us. I still remember the way he said really. Mark is not gone, he always around and always be remembered.

Learning to live here without seeing you walking the street, talking with everyone and keeping us all safe this past year has been hard for all of us. You were everyones friend. We all miss you here in the neighborhood. We picture you smiling, walking with Tigger wherever you are. Be at peace dear friend.

Thank you Mark for giving us direction in life and in trading. You will be missed greatly, but your energy will be with us forever!

Mark, I know I can speak directly to you as I know you are here in spirit and are just in a different but better place. As we were the greatest of friends, each time we visited it was as if we still lived next door to each other as kids, even if a day or a year, or even two went by before we talked. Our entire family loves you and I have wonderful memories of things we did together that time or space cannot ever erase. It looks like my Mom will be joining you very soon. So, if you hear someone saying, Ringo, turn around and look and she will be there. I think of you often and I have a great picture of you and I sitting next to each other at some function on my chest of drawers. As a matter of fact, the accompany picture of you on this site is part of that picture only with you and I both in it. I miss you dearly. Thank you for your friendship and thoughtfulness and all of the things we shared as kids and adults. And check out the accompanying photo - you and I on our bikes about 45 years ago. Seems like yesterday. Your pal, Richard

Paula, I am holding you in my heart and prayers. We know Love is always with us, in that Love, you and Mark are gently connected, holding the light for each other always.

For me, it was always joyful and inspiring to hear Marks words of wisdom about creativity, balance and spirituality. Such a beautiful gift he has given all who knew him.

Dear Paula - we get to really appreciate those we love the most after we lose them. Mark would be proud of you, seeing how you carry on and hold your head up!

You were my rock, my protector, and are still my inspiration. I know you are where you want to be, and I am blessed having spent my time together with you. Paula T.

My sincere sympathy to your family and friends. May the God of all comfort, strengthen you and the entire family during this time of sorrow. Those who die, God keeps them in his memory, because they are precious in his eyes. Psalms 116:15.

My sincere condolences to the friends and family. May you all find strength and comfort in the hope that the God gives at Hosea 13:14, From the grave I will redeem them; from death I will recover them.

My deepest sympathy for your loss. Death is not an easy thing to go through, but just know that God is waiting to heal your broken heart. Psalms 147 :3. RH.

Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your dear family member. May your fond memories and the peace that God gives comfort and strengthen you during this difficult time. Phillipians 4:6,7,13

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