Not to be confused with Hong Kong listed company, China Fortune Holdings Limited.

China Fortune Land Development
IndustryReal estate development
FounderWang Wenxue
  • Langfang, China (legal)
  • Beijing, China (de facto)
RevenueIncreaseCN¥38.335 billion (2015)
IncreaseCN¥6.903 billion (2015)
IncreaseCN¥4.834 billion (2015)
Total assetsIncreaseCN¥168.623 billion (2015)
Total equityIncreaseCN¥13.527 billion (2015)
OwnerChina Fortune Land Development Holding (68.88%)
SubsidiariesHebei F.C. (100%)
Footnotes / references
in consolidated basis[1]
China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd.
Simplified Chinese华夏幸福基业股份有限公司
Traditional Chinese華夏幸福基業股份有限公司
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu PinyinHuáxià xìngfú jīyè gǔfèn yǒuxiàn gōngsī

China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd. is a publicly traded Chinese real estate developer, based in Beijing, headed by Wang Wenxue and focused on industrial parks. They are the current owners of Chinese Super League club Hebei China Fortune F.C., whom they purchased on 27 January 2015.[2][3] Wang Wenxue still the largest shareholder of the company via China Fortune Land Development Holding.

As of May 2015, Wang Wenxue has an estimated net worth of US$4.1 billion.[4]

China Fortune Land Development was a constituent of the CSI 300 Index (index for large to medium-sized companies in the mainland Chinas stock exchanges) as well as its sub-index CSI 100 Index. Since June 2017, it also part of Shanghai Stock Exchanges blue chip index: SSE 50 Index.[5]


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