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We are confident in confirming we have the facilities, necessary for our clients security and their cargo knowledge in helping you finding different



We provide globally integrated end-to-end solutions to our customers supply chain management needs with a special commitment to industry specific requirements



There has been a significant growth in artisanal and small-scale mining in many developing our countries over the last twenty years. As we are buying gold from these local miners in small quantities


Gold Smelting

Our smelting department plays an important role in the manufacturing process by either melting fine metal into bars or producing grains from scrap metal for the use of our refinery.

About Us

5 Long Years Of Mining Excellence With Quality At Its Best!

Sam Precious Stones Limited has operated for about 5 years and our goal is to get the best to our clients. We endeavor to find high quality gold minerals by ensuring no impurities are available  based on market demands. We are environmentally conscious, transparent and we work in accordance to set policies and practices that are intended to achieve the set goal of the company. 

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Precious metals are usually recovered from materials within a single process, With over 5 years dealing in minerals Exporting We are licensed mineral dealer in East, Central and Southern Parts of Africa. 

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