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Consequently, the trend of large sovereign and quasi-sovereign issuance is set to continue, with the GCC likely to continue to play a prominent role in 2018s new issue market. Net new issuance may increase, which will test current strong market technicals.

This will devastate foreign capital inflows into Russia and further isolate the Kremlin from the international banking and Eurobond new issue market.

MENA issuers are sound from a credit standpoint as a whole, yet are somewhat penalised in terms of the spreads they have to pay in the new issue market, which works to an investors benefit.

If it has a very negative bearing on investor risk appetite than the new issue market will be impacted, Hussain said.

Filing by the end of the year gives Hulu the flexibility to push an IPO out in January or February if the new issue market improves, but also lays the groundwork for an offering in April or May, after first quarter results have given it more time to gauge its financial health and the market, people familiar with the plan said.

The outlook for CRE loans that collateralise CMBS continues to improve due to increased activity in the CMBS new issue market and strong demand for distressed CRE loans in the secondary market.

Even the long dormant new issue market has spluttered into life as corporate financiers seek that elusive fee earning deal to round off a quiet year.

The new issue market lost steam in the latter half of 2001, as investors lost their appetite for corporate bonds, following a series of failures by high-profile companies, including supermarket chain operator Mycal Corp., S&P said.

IPOs were being postponed and the equity new issue market continued to deteriorate.

In 1997, $44 billion of CMBS were issued; in 1998, the new issue market is expected to grow beyond $70 billion.

Thats because the need to mitigate risk, which drove the creation of CMOs, continues in the absence of a new issue market. And the hedging of mortgage servicing is often done with some of the CMO strips that are the most difficult to sell in the current market.

Dimson, The Efficiency of the British New Issue Market for Ordinary Shares, Doctoral Thesis, London Business School, 1979.

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