Current Service Status: Updated August 18, 2021

Fall Shuttle service will resume on Saturday, August 28, following a weekend schedule (routes A, G, and W) through Wednesday, September 1. Safe Ride and Brooklyn Overnight Shuttle will resume on Tuesday, August 31 at 12:01 a.m.

Transportation Services is committed to providing a safe, clean, and efficient experience in getting you around our Washington Square and Brooklyn campuses, and the medical corridor. Below youll find some new rider responsibilities as well as some information on our enhanced COVID-19 cleaning procedures.

Rider Responsibilities


Stay home if you dont feel well

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, stay home! Don’t go to class or work and dont take any public or NYU transportation. Contact your professor or supervisor and let them know you are taking a sick day. Notify the COVID-19 Prevention & Response Team. Questions or need medical care? Contact the Student Health Center (students) or your doctor (employees) and follow their advice.


Take the Daily COVID-19 Screener for Campus Access. Not authorized? Then you are not allowed to ride

The Daily COVID-19 Screener for Campus Access is a requirement to ride the shuttles. We recommend the “NYU Mobile” app or you can use your computer. You must answer all the questions and receive a daily authorization. Even if you are feeling fine, you must check your temp, evaluate yourself for symptoms and exposure, and answer the questions accurately or you will not be cleared to enter an NYU building or ride the shuttles. Please be prepared to show the driver your screener status upon boarding.  


Wear a face covering over your nose and mouth

Wear a mask or other face covering that covers your nose and mouth at all times, and please from refrain drinking or eating on the shuttles.   


Travel only when neccessary

Limit travel to only essential needs. When possible, load up your favorite virtual meeting tool.

Cleaning Procedures


Daily cleaning and disinfecting of all vehicles

The daily cleaning and disinfecting of our vehicles has always been part of our standard operating procedures. The exteriors are washed using a bus wash system that uses rotating brush and sprayer system. The interior of the vehicles are treated with an EPA approved sanitizing mist agent ensuring all areas are covered. Then all high touch areas are wiped cleaned and disinfected, this includes headrest, armrest, grab handles, railings, and windows and the floors are swept and mopped thoroughly. The drivers area is also treated, covering the steering wheel, control panel, seat, and railing. To finish the process, the interior is treated again with the sanitizing mist agent.


Disinfecting wipes and trash recepticals in all vehicles

All vehicles have been equiped with commerical grade disinfecting wipe stations available to all passengers when boarding. Passengers are encourged to utilze these wipes to clean the area they will be using.

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