Running mundane human race, shackled with negativity inside the mind, equipped with innumerable luxuries but devoid of soul luxuries like happiness, faith, self-belief and inner peace. Solution? HappyMinds.

Transforming Lives – Creating happy faces, happy minds and happy souls. Inspiring people to live WAKEFULLY! The idea was to bring about a change, one that would change the lives of thousands.

HappyMinds is a multi – faceted organization that is committed to bringing this change by empowering people coming from different walks of life. HappyMinds has, so far, taken 50,000+ people on an expedition where they explore, discover and reform themselves into happy souls. HappyMinds deals in following three verticals:

1. PRO-MINDS: These Training and Workshops aim at mentoring & training individuals & organizations to enable them to reach a higher level of thinking thereby giving a meaning to their existence. We have trained 30,000+ people in this vertical. It focuses on 3 aspects of Human life – Soft skills, Life skills and Mind power. Training sessions includes Power of Positive Thoughts, Art Of Being Smart, Corporate Skills, Attitude For Excellence, NLP – How Thoughts Drive Life, MindPower Pregnancy, Leading a Seven Star Life, Positive Parenting, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Empowerment, Child Psychology et al.

2. LEADERSHIP ACADEMY: The Leadership Course will take you from existence to excellence!! We are here to create an impact and change the approach from traditional bookish learning to global age practical learning with oodles of activities and creativity. In the effort to create a confident ‘YOU’, we have certified 6000+ students from age group of 4 years to 24 years on Public Speaking, Creative Imagination, Debates, Ex-Tempore, Happiness Meditation, Leadership, Confidence Building, Communication, Etiquettes, Social Skills et al.

3. SOCIAL INITIATIVE – JAZBAA: We at HappyMinds are driven by the Jazbaa to make a difference to society in our unique ways. 8000+ people are engaged with us in this Jazbaa. We realize our moral responsibility towards community at large and do every bit to ‘Give Back’ the underprivileged the opportunities and up-gradation it deserves. Sessions on iLearn to iLead, Nurturing Young Trainers, Positivity Drive et al are the core fundamentals of this vertical.

From Directors Desk

Shweta Merchant Gandhi


Being an NLP Practitioner and a Life Skills Trainer, it has helped me connect to more than fifty thousand young minds across the nation. The journey of knowing them, see them grow, transform and evolve has been beyond life, supernatural.

I have always believed that we are the Chief Happiness Officer of our Lives. The sync between our thoughts and actions makes us who we are. The sole mission of my company is to transform lives. There is a massive gap between who we really are and what we truly want to become. This developed a need for me to start what I did. With a Vision to reach out 5,00,000+ people globally by 2020, I have taken an initiative to help people develop a sense of self and understand the purpose of life. Happy minds is a factory that makes one imbibe tons of positivity, soft/life skills and happiness resulting into a massive transformation of oneself.

This concept comes with a very unique flavor, a flavor that was missing in my city. Currently my  focus is on building following things: An environment fostering Steadfast innovation, a dedicated PR team, networking, fun work-ways, leaders and motivated CEOs (Chief Energy Officers i.e. Employees) globally, encouraging in people the ‘Will to Lead’ and Self-up gradation.

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Shweta Merchant Gandhi

Director and Chief Mentor

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