Kenya Gold Price | 24-hour gold rate live provides gold price today in Kenya. Gold rates per gram 24,22,18,14,10,6 carat; gold price per ounce and gold price per tola.

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Today: 31 August 2021 Gold Price in Kenya gold


gold GRAMS KenyaGold Price per Gram [KES]
in Kenyan shilling
1 GRAM GOLD 24K6,419.666,433.686,375.2316.50
GRAM 22K 5,893.255,906.115,852.4615.15
GRAM 21K 5,617.215,629.475,578.3314.44
GRAM 18K4,814.754,825.264,781.4212.38
GRAM 14K3,755.503,763.703,729.519.65
GRAM 10K2,677.002,682.842,658.476.88
GRAM 6K1,604.921,608.421,593.814.13


gold OUNCES Kenya Gold Price per Ounce [KES]
in Kenyan shilling
1 OUNCE 24K199,651.52200,087.31198,269.65513.24
OUNCE 22K 183,280.09183,680.15182,011.54471.16
OUNCE 21K 174,695.08175,076.40173,485.94449.09
OUNCE 18K149,738.64150,065.48148,702.24384.93
OUNCE 14K116,796.14117,051.08115,987.74300.25
OUNCE 10K83,254.6883,436.4182,678.44214.02
OUNCE 6K49,912.8850,021.8349,567.41128.31


gold KILOS Kenya Gold Price per Kg [KES]
in Kenyan shilling
1 KILOGRAM GOLD 24K6,419,662.946,433,675.596,375,229.8016,502.99
KILOGRAM 22K 5,893,250.585,906,114.195,852,460.9515,149.74
KILOGRAM 18K4,814,747.204,825,256.694,781,422.3512,377.24
KILOGRAM 14K3,755,502.823,763,700.223,729,509.439,654.25
KILOGRAM 10K2,676,999.442,682,842.722,658,470.836,881.75
KILOGRAM 6K1,604,915.731,608,418.901,593,807.454,125.75


gold TOLAS Kenya Gold Price per Tola [KES]
in Kenyan shilling
1 TOLA GOLD 24K74,877.6675,041.1174,359.41192.49
TOLA 22K 68,737.7068,887.7368,261.93176.70
TOLA 18K56,158.2556,280.8355,769.55144.37
TOLA 14K43,803.4343,899.0543,500.25112.61
TOLA 10K31,223.9931,292.1431,007.8780.27
TOLA 6K18,719.4218,760.2818,589.8548.12

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