Investing money silver and gold as commodity is simple and profitable. Anyone can learn the easy ways of buying silver and gold as a physical wealth. Since the value of gold and silver is considerably high, the precious metal constitutes to be great investment option.
Investing in gold and silver has more advantages as compared to any form of currency. While people give a lot of opinions, investing in gold has always come out as a clear winner.
It was noted after US’ 2008 debt crisis, the world bought both gold and silver in bulk. This resulted in dramatic increase in the price of silver and gold between from 2008 to 2013. At that time price of silver went up to nearly Dollars 45 per ounce. Currently, the craze of silver bubble has fizzed out but gold still continues to shine.
Apart from by the investors, silver is also considered a precious metal because of its application, including its use in industries like mobile hand-sets, glass, normal lead acid batteries, solar panels, electric conductors, computers and so on. It is a surprise to see that no other metal has been able to replace silver in this industry. Additionally, silver is used in many life saving medicines as well.
Silver is known as a poor man’s gold, because comparatively gold, which is traded at 1400 dollars per ounce, silver trades at just 25 dollars per ounce.
Investors or nations buy Gold for accumulation only, but silver has many other industrial applications apart from investment. But, if we compare gold and silver investment, then silver is considered to be a lot more useful metal than gold. Each and every ounce of gold that is mined out has either been stored in the world’s central bank or in the lockers of people.
Price of gold has always trades at exorbitant prices because of the huge imbalance in its demand and supply. The global trend and brand name of gold also contribute in its unreasonably high pricing. But comparatively, in terms of gold vs silver investment it is noted that that silver is still traded at a much economical price. Even the petty investors can go ahead and invest in silver easily.

  1. Why investing in silver is a good idea?
    Silver, being more affordable, is an ideal choice for masses who look to buy ornaments and do bullion investments.
  2. What should you buy, silver coins or bars?
    Conventionally, purchasing silver bars is a better investment alternative. Also, silver bars have low premiums and are much easier to store than coins.
  3. How can you invest in silver in India?
    Either you can buy silver jewellery or can trade in e-silver through National Spot Exchange Limited or NSEL. You can also get silver ETFs from trading accounts.
  4. Is silver a safe investment?
    Market experts and economists always recommend investing in a risk-free low valued asset like silver. It is so because neither your money will be blocked nor the value of silver will depreciate.

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