KFin Technologies Pvt Ltd has set-up an electronic infrastructure, an alternative to the paper-based ballot process to facilitate shareholders to cast votes in electronic form through the internet. Using this simple system, shareholders can vote on resolutions of companies requiring voting through Ballot as per extant rules and regulations. The system would process, record votes automatically and facilitate the declaration of voting results quickly.

About KFin Technologies Pvt Ltd

e-Voting enables the shareholders to vote electronically. Shareholders can vote on resolutions proposed by companies requiring ballot without having the necessity to be physically present at the meeting.

♦ Can upload the shareholders master data & also able to view the updated status of the same.

♦ Can create or modify the resolutions.

♦ Enable to send the user-id/password through electronic/physical mode.

♦ Issuer/R&T can not view the result and download the same till scrutinizer’s certification of the results

♦ Scrutinizers can view the results & all the reports viz., Polled/For/Against/Abstain.

♦ Exclusive user id and password will be given to scrutinizer to view and generate results

♦ Scrutinizer can give the physical signed copy of the Certification result to the issuer.

♦ Can register client details
♦ Can upload Client POAs
♦ Can upload clients voting preference in bulk
♦ Can view their voting history

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