LABOUM continues to climb up on various Korean music charts after Yoo Jae Suks male project group MSG Wannabe performed their rendition of the female acts five-year-old song Journey to Atlantis.

LABOUM Climbs up on Korean Music Charts Following MSG Wannabes Cover of Journey to Atlantis

On May 8, the MBC TV show Hangout with Yoo featured the Top 8 for MSG Wannabe. Host Yoo Jae Suk asked the project group to sing LABOUMs Journey to Atlantis, which he said to be a song he really likes. After the broadcast, Nielsen Korean revealed that the episode recorded 12.8% viewership ratings.

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Other than that, Journey to Atlantis received more attention from the public. LABOUMs song - which had already begun rising on various Korean music charts earlier this year - rapidly ascended on Koreas real-time charts. On May 9 at 4 p.m. KST, the track scored No. 1 on Bugs. It later hit No. 7 on Genie.

Moreover, the song was the No. 1 most popular keyword on MelOn on May 9 with more than 41,000 searches on the platform.


(Photo : LABOUM Instagram)

On May 10, LABOUMs Journey to Atlantis continued to be atop Bugs real-time chart until noon. It also ranked 11th on the Genie real-time chart. Also at noon KST, the song claimed the No. 21 spot on FLOs daily chart and the No. 71 position on the MelOn 24Hits.

As of 1 p.m. KST on May 10, the 2016 song remained at No. 1 on Bugs and No. 21 on FLO. It then rose to No. 7 on Genie and No. 69 on MelOns 24Hits. Journey to Atlantis is also currently at No. 5 on MelOns real-time search trend.

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Journey to Atlantis is the title track of LABOUMs fourth single album, Fresh Adventure, which was released back in April 2016. It was not popular at the time the girl group was doing promotions for the album, but it has recently started to garner attention. The song, in fact, has been included in the list of a masterpiece to listen to online.

Check out MSG Wannabes cover of LABOUMs Journey to Atlantis on Hangout with Yoo below!

LABOUM Members React to Their Recent Achievement with Journey to Atlantis

LABOUM, who learned about their latest accomplishment, took to Instagram to express their happiness.

On May 9, Solbin shared a screenshot of Journey to Atlantis at No. 1 on Bugs and No. 9 on Genie via her Instagram story. She wrote on the post, This is not a dream, right?

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Meanwhile, Yujeong uploaded a screenshot of Journey to Atlantis on the top of Bugs and wrote in the caption, Wow...even if it ends up just being for a while, Im really glad... Thank you very much.

Fans of LABOUM also expressed their joy over the girl groups recent achievement. They took to Twitter to share screenshots of Journey to Atlantis sitting on high rankings on various Korean music charts.

LABOUM has become the second K-pop group to experience reverse running, after Brave Girls, whose 2017 song Rollin has been dominating Korean music charts since February.

Congratulations to LABOUM!

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