What To Expect From Fear The Walking Dead Season 7

Fear The Walking Dead season 7 is officially happening, and heres everything we know so far about its premiere date and story details.

Fear The Walking Dead season 7 releases in October 2021 and promises an all-new apocalypse for the main characters to go through. As with virtually every movie and series, Fear The Walking Dead season 6 went through an ordeal during the pandemic, having to shut down production and work around new, rigorous health guidelines. The thing is, the vignette format the writers and producers were going for already allowed for some maneuverability throughout season 6.

Aside from one episode in which many of the main characters appeared at Morgans community, the only scene that included everyone was in the seasons penultimate episode, when they all arrived at the submarine for the first time. Of course, they all split up and went their separate ways while Morgan and Strand tried to stop Teddy from launching his missiles. Now it seems they will have to remain apart for some time more in Fear The Walking Dead season 7.

Fear The Walking Dead season 7 is officially happening, as the series was renewed in December 2020. It was expected to continue, but given the main series The Walking Dead is ending in 2022, fans expressed concern the spinoff series would also wrap up around the same time. As of now, theres no indication that season 7 will be the final season.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Date

Fear The Walking Dead season 7 premieres on October 17, one week after The Walking Dead season 11 wraps up its first wave of new episodes. As with other AMC shows, particularly those from the Walking Dead universe, Fear the Walking Dead season 7 episodes will release early on AMC+. It will run alongside The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 throughout the fall and early winter, but its unclear how many episodes will air before either series goes on break for the holidays.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Story Details

Specific story details on Fear The Walking Dead season 7 are currently unknown, but based on the way season 6 ends, its fair to assume everyone will be separated for a little while longer. AMC released two scenes from Fear The Walking Dead season 7 during Comic-Con@Home 2021, showing June and John Dorie Sr. still inside Teddys bunker, as well as Morgan and Grace inside the submarine from the season 6 finale. Part of Morgan and Graces clip revealed a devastating nuclear apocalypse surrounding the submarine, thus hinting at a different type of apocalypse raging alongside the zombie one in season 7.

With the nuclear fallout, Fear The Walking Deads producers have teased that this could be an opportunity for the spinoff to catch up to the main series in the timeline. Right now its set a few years behind The Walking Dead, but if everyone has to remain sheltered from the fallout, then they could spend a long time underground or in the submarine. And with both The Walking Dead and World Beyond setting up the CRM, and the group returning in the Fear The Walking Dead season 6 finale, the storylines are starting to converge.

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