Part 2: Comparison Table

A short comparison table is outlined below for the main features for each of these hedge trimmers if you are still undecided at this point. The warranty periods may change depending on your individual seller but these are the warranty periods seen available at the time of this review and should be double checked prior to making any purchase.

ModelPowerLengthTooth GapWeightCableWarranty
Spear & Jackson450W45cm16mm3.6kg10m long3 years
McGregor500W51cm16mm2.5kg8m long2 years
Challenge550W55cm16mm2.9kg10m long12 months
Bosch Ahs420W45cm16mm2.6kg6m long2 -3 years
Flymo Easicut500W60cm19mm4.1kg10m long12 months
Makita400W48cm15mm5.1kg10m long12 months
Teccpo500W51cm20mm2.6kg8m long12 months
Ryobi600W60cm28mm5.5kg8m long2 -3 years
Einhell420W45cm16mm2.5kg8m long12 months
Black + Decker550W60cm16mm2.54kg8m long12 months

Part 3: Our Conclusion plus your Feedback (if possible!)


Which one would we recommend in particular from this list? We don’t want to be biased and we certainly don’t want to influence your own decision so we hope you can make your own mind up based on all the features outlined and the comparison table provided above. If you insist on us making a recommendation, then our top 3 from this list that we would have a preference for would certainly be the Bosch Ahs, the McGregor and the Spear and Jackson corded hedge trimmers - Why? Because we have other tools under these brands and they haven’t let us down yet. However, for tackling denser hedges, we would insist on a tooth gap opening of a minimum 20mm and for tall hedges up to 1.8m high we would recommend going for 60cm length blades instead. Anyway, compiling this list certainly wasn’t an easy job to do, but we do hope you found it beneficial in some way as it certainly took us a long time to finish it and eventually complete this list! Finally, we would like to wish you the very best with your own final decision with whatever brand you decide to go with in the end.


Have you ever used any of these Hedge Trimmer yourself in the recent past? Are there models here that you believe should be excluded or do you have other suggestions that need to be included?

If possible, please share your own suggestions by leaving a short comment in the comment box section provided below and we will certainly take it into consideration

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