I have an account with Zerodha and many a times it was required to reach out the Zerodha Customer Care to get solution to my issues.

Though I did not faced any major issues since I opened account with Zerodha in year 2012, I reached out to them for few minor tasks such as address change and updating mobile number etc.


So here in this post I am explaining various ways to contact them including Zerodha Customer care numbers.

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About Zerodha:

Zerodha is the first discount stock broker to start operation in India. They were founded in year 2010 by Mr Nitin Kamath.

Before them, all the stock brokers used to charge the brokerage in terms of the percentage of total traded value.

But they started charging Rs20/ executed trade irrespective traded amount. This resulted in the huge savings for the traders.

So all these added to their success and now they have become largest stock broker of India overtaking ICICI Direct.


If you dont have account with them, you can request call back from their customer care executive to open the account though the below link.


If you have any issue related to Zerodha, there are multiple ways through which you can get help in resolving the issues faced by you. They are,

  • Online Support Data base
  • Email
  • Telephonic Support
  • Physical locations (Branches)

Online Support Database:

Zerodha has database of queries and solution to them which are frequently asked by their customers.

So to if you are facing any issues which are generic one, it is advised to go through the database first and sort it out yourself.

This is the fastest method of resolving the issue if they have already provided the solution to the same issue faced by other customers.

If the issue is not listed here, you can proceed to next level of support system.

Zerodha Phone Support:

You can reach to their customer care center executives though the contact number 080-40402020

Normally the turnaround time to reach the executive is high. So they introduced something called “Zpin” which is provided to only their customers and they will have preference over others.

Now they have renamed it as “Telephone Code”.

Zerodha Email Support:

You can also reach them through email. For each issue raised, they will create a service ticket.

It will have details of all the mail interaction you had with them.

It is wonderful mode of getting the help since everything is documented from the time of raising the issue, solution provided and time of closure.

Don’t forget to mention the below points while drafting the mail.

  • Your Client ID
  • Subject
  • Issue Type
  • Issue Details
  • Screenshot if any

Zerodha Branches:

Below table has the list of all the cities/towns across India where Zerodha branches are located.

For details of address of each location, please refer this post on Zerodha Branches.

Some of them are branches operated by Zerodha itself and others are partners (sub brokers) of Zerodha which mainly concentrate on opening the account.

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Zerodha Customer Care Numbers:

Below is the customer care numbers of Zerodha,

  • Phone Numbers: 080-40402020, 080-33102020
  • Email : support@zerodha.com
  • Address: Zerodha, #153/154, 4th Cross, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Opp. Clarence Public School, Bengaluru – 560078
  • Website : Zerodha Website

Zerodha Customer Care

Telephonic Support


Physical Locations