Quests are the primary way in which the player experiences the story of Outward. While it is possible to ignore most of the quests and explore at will indefinitely, quests will allow the player to access more content such as new locations and items, and help the player understand the world in which they find themselves.



A player receives a dynamic outcome from Vendavel Quest.

Outward handles quests differently. Some quests have multiple outcomes based on how you choose to handle the situation being presented to you. Similar to defeat scenarios, quest failure is also dynamic.

Most of the faction quests are timed, meaning that taking too long to complete certain objectives during the quest may result in penalties or outright failure. Additionally, certain quests have timers that start counting before the quest even begins, such as Vendavel Quest when you join a faction.

You have two main grace periods where no timers are counting: during Looking to the Future, when you can freely explore all areas and decide what you want to do, and when you receive Well-Earned Rest (main quests completed).

List of Quests

The following is a list of Quests in Outward.

In the tables below, Dynamic indicates that the quest has dynamic outcomes (ie. failures, varied degrees of success, or major branching choices).

Main Quests

The primary story for Outward takes place through 7 main quests. After the first 3 quests, the next 4 quests vary depending on which faction the player chose during Looking to the Future.

In The Soroboreans DLC there is an alternate path which splits at Looking to the Future, and instead follows the Sorobor Academy quest line.

# Quest Name Related Faction Timed? Dynamic?
1 Castaway - x x
2 Call to Adventure - ✓ ✓
3 Looking to the Future - x ✓
4 Mixed Legacies Blue Blue Chamber x ✓
5 Ash Giants Blue Blue Chamber ✓ ✓
6 Whispering Bones Blue Blue Chamber ✓ ✓
7 Ancestral Peacemaker Blue Blue Chamber ✓ ✓
4 Tending the Flame Heroic Heroic Kingdom x ✓
5 Sand Corsairs Heroic Heroic Kingdom x ✓
6 Mouths to Feed Heroic Heroic Kingdom ✓ ✓
7 Heroic Peacemaker Heroic Heroic Kingdom ✓ ✓
4 Questions and Corruption Holy Holy Mission ✓ ✓
5 Doubts and Secrets Holy Holy Mission ✓ ✓
6 Truth and Purpose Holy Holy Mission ✓ ✓
7 Hallowed Peacemaker Holy Holy Mission ✓ ✓
3 Enrollment Sorobor Sorobor Academy x x
4 Up The Ladder Sorobor Sorobor Academy ✓ ✓
5 A Knife in the Back Sorobor Sorobor Academy ✓ ✓
6 Cloak and Dagger Sorobor Sorobor Academy ✓ ✓
7 A House Divided Sorobor Sorobor Academy ✓ ✓

In The The Three Brothers DLC, the Main Quest story continues with an additional five quests.

# Quest Name Related Faction Timed? Dynamic?
8 A Fallen City Sirocco.png Sirocco x x
9 From the Ashes Sirocco.png Sirocco ✓ ✓
10 Stealing Fire Sirocco.png Sirocco ✓ ✓
11 Liberate the Sun Sirocco.png Sirocco ✓ ✓
12 Vengeful Ouroboros Sirocco.png Sirocco ✓ ✓

Parallel Quests

Parallel quests are a type of main quest which occur concurrently with the rest of the story. There is one parallel quest associated with each faction.

Players can complete parallel quests for any faction, however Rust and Vengeance requires The Soroboreans DLC.

Quest Name Related Faction Timed? Dynamic?
Blood Under The Sun Heroic Heroic Kingdom ✓ ✓
Purifier Holy Holy Mission ✓ ✓
Vendavel Quest Blue Blue Chamber ✓ ✓
Rust and Vengeance Sorobor Sorobor Academy ✓ ✓

Minor Quests

Minor quests in Outward range from one-time quests related to certain NPCs or locations, to repeatable quests, to miscellaneous tasks such as commissioning equipment from Blacksmiths.

Quest Name Timed? Dynamic? Repeatable?
A Myriad of Bones x ✓ x
Alchemy: Cold Stone x x ✓
Alchemy: Crystal Powder x x ✓
Acquire Mana x x x
Arcane Machine x x x
Barrel Man x x x
Beware the Gold Lich x x ✓
Beware the Jade Lich x x x
Craft: Blue Sand Armor x x ✓
Craft: Copal & Petrified Armor x x ✓
Craft: Palladium Armor x x ✓
Craft: Tsar & Tenebrous Armor x x ✓
Helens Fungus x x x
Ledger to Berg x x ✓
Ledger to Cierzo x x ✓
Ledger to Levant x x ✓
Ledger to Monsoon x x ✓
Lost Merchant ✓ ✓ ✓
Need: Beast Golem Scraps x x ✓
Need: Cierzo Ceviche x x ✓
Need: Manticore Tail x x ✓
Need: Shark Cartilage x x ✓
Purify The Water ✓ ✓ x
Red Idol x ✓ x
Silver for the Slums x x x
Skulls for Cremeuh x x x
Strange Apparitions x x x
Treasure Hunt x x x

The Soroboreans

Quest Name Timed? Dynamic? Repeatable?
Bloody Business x x x
Craft: Antique Garb Armor x x ✓
Need: Angel Food Cake x x ✓
Need: Fire Elemental Particles x x ✓
Need: Manaheart Bass x x ✓
Need: Tourmaline x x ✓
Need: Shield Golem Scrap x x ✓

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