Kotak Securities Margin Calculator – Calculate Intraday & Delivery Exposure / Leverage

KotakKotak Securities Margin Calculator is an online tool which will help you calculate Exposure provided by Kotak Securities for different segments like Intraday, Delivery, F&O, Currency & Commodity.

With the help of this online tool, you will be able to calculate Kotak Securities margin funding & also will be able to calculate the total amount of extra shares that can be bought with the extra leverage provided by the stock broker.

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Kotak Securities Exposure Calculator / Kotak Securities Leverage Calculator

Below table provides a very decent indication of Margin or Exposure provided by Kotak Securities for all segments.

Kotak Securities Exposure / Leverage
Delivery1x (no margin)
IntradayUp to 6x (based on the stock)
Equity FuturesIntraday – 1.3x, Carry forward – 1x of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)
Equity OptionsIntraday – 1.3x, Carry forward – 1x of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)
Currency FuturesIntraday – 1.3x, Carry forward – 1x of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)
Currency OptionsIntraday – 1.3x, Carry forward – 1x of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)
CommoditiesIntraday – 1.3x, Carry forward – 1x of NRML margin (Span + Exposure)

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Kotak Securities Intraday & Delivery Margin Calculator

Intraday Margin Calculator has upto 6x exposure & Delivery Exposure Calculator provides 1x leverage.

Kotak Securities Commodity & Currency Margin Calculator

The Commodity Margin Calculator provides No margin funding, including Currency Leverage Calculator means for Futures & Options.

Kotak Securities SPAN Margin Calculator for Equity Futures & Options Margin Calculator

Kotak Securities SPAN Margin Calculator has both Futures & Options. The Equity Futures Exposure is 1.3x & Equity Options exposure is 1.3x.

NOTE: For Delivery, there is a cut-off time of T+7 Days & post that Auto Square-off will apply. Interest Charged on Margin Funding is 18% + GST.

Kotak Securities Margin Calculator FAQs

Ques – How to use Kotak Securities Margin Calculator?

Answer – It is in the most seamless manner possible, and is easy to understand in a stance. To stay the step by step process, you must first select the segment you wish to invest in, then enter in all the inputs as asked in the calculator and then press the calculate margin button.

Ques – What is the Intraday Margin Provided?

Answer – We have the information on the leverage rate that is provided by this stock broking house, and the calculator helps you commute the figures. Investing in intraday, you will be able to avail for up to 6x margin, which is a huge opportunity and feasibility.

Ques – Is this Margin Calculator Accurate?

Answer – Yes, this calculator is exact and to the point in terms of the results it portrays. It works on the basis of the rates that the company levies for each segment, i.e. the rate of exposure are all embedded into the calculator which leads to the appropriate commutation.

Ques – What is the Options Exposure Provided?

Answer – For the options segment, you have two different forms of investment you can choose from, and both the segments are subject to exposure. If you invest in the equity options segment you can avail for up to 1.3x leverage.

Ques – Is this Margin Calculator Beneficial?

Answer – Yes, there are a lot of perks attached to this calculator. The most basic yet the most important one is that you can see the rate of leverage provided in exact figures, following which you can see the number of shares you can buy using the leverage amount.

Ques – What are the inputs required in calculation?

Answer – You need to provide the calculator with certain inputs which will eventually lead to the commutation. So, for the first thing, you need to select the Scrip you wish to invest in, then enter the available margin, and finally enter the share price, to see the number of shares you can purchase.

Ques – What is the Futures Margin Provided?

Answer – There are two category investment options if you wish to invest in futures. There are equity futures, where you will get up to 1.3x rate of leverage, whereas it is NA for the Currency futures investment. Select the segment and then commute the margin.

Ques – What is the Interest Charged on Margin Funding?

Answer – Interest is assuredly levied on the amount of loan you take. This is the additional margin amount opted for, which is subject to an interest payment, just like any other forms of loans are. On this account, the levied interest rate is 18% + GST.

Ques – What is the new pledge rule of SEBI?

Answer – The new pledge rule which is launched by SEBI states that it is no longer possible to avail for the margin benefits without pledging shares. Also, the shares you pledge will stay back in your account and not be transferred to the broker’s account.

Ques – Does exposure changes with Scrip?

Answer – Yes, the exposure rate provided to the investor or the trader is subject to a change on the basis of the scrip. So, not all scrips are available for purchase on the basis of rate of exposure you see. Alterations to the rates are done on the basis of the scrips.

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