Dear investor/trader, today we are talking about a very good stock that is IDFC first bank. If you do not know about this I want to tell you the chart of IDFC first bank is very impressive. I accept that IDFC first bank is falling from listing but now the time of IDFC first bank. its want to give more and more bullish so in this article we try to explain technical and fundamental analysis of IDFC first bank. 

I tell you my opinion in IDFC first bank for investing/trading and more important things that I tell you idfc first bank share price target 2022, 2025 & 2030. If I tell you in one sentence that is whole things in idfc first bank, that I go to tell you so, you must be excited to read the full article. Because after this you got the more and more knowledge of analysis and the best opportunity to invest or trade in IDFC first bank.

Summary Of The Share Price Of IDFC First Bank

Before the analysis of IDFC first bank share analysis we try to take a look at the share price fluctuation of IDFC first bank from listing to now that is November 2015 To June 2021.

Date Price
NOV 2015 Rs.70.5
JUN 2016 Rs.43
OCT 2016 Rs.83
APR 2020
MAR 2021 Rs.69

IDFC first bank is listed on 70.5 rupees of share price on 2 November 2015. After listing IDFC first bank start falling down making a bearish pattern it continues fall till July 2016. But after that it is very bullish and it achieves the high of 83 rupees from the low of 43 rupees that is almost two times return. But after that it reapets history and now again start the falling down and it continues fall till 2021. 

Its make the lifetime low about 18 rupees and its give a bullish breakout on January 2021 at the approx the 40 rupees. After that its continue in an uptrend and make a good retracement and taking support on the level of 47 rupees and again start in an uptrend that is the sign of the change of the trend and so I suggest you to invest in IDFC first bank.

IDFC First Bank Share Price Target 2022, 2025 & 2030

Now we want to talk about IDFC first bank share price target 2022 2025 2030 so guys please read this paragraph carefully because this can give you a good opportunity to invest in IDFC first bank.

IDFC first bank share price target 2022

If you watch the candlestick chart of IDFC first bank you can see the bearish trend is ended and a bullish trend it is started which is the good volume and retracement the target must be achievable in 2022 is of the lifetime high of IDFC first bank that is 83 rupees.

Target 2022Price
T1 Rs.83
T2 Rs.95

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And another target for 2022 is the 1.618 Fibonacci level on the price of 95 rupees that could be achievable.

IDFC first bank share price target 2025:

If we invest in IDFC first bank till 2025, then we can get a very good return and the First Target for 2025 is the 2.618 of Fibonacci level that is 151.9 Rupees and the second target for 2025 is the 3.618 of the Fibonacci level that is of 203 rupees that can be achieved easily.

Target 2025 Price
T1 Rs.151.9
T2 Rs.203

IDFC first bank share price target 2030

If we assume that the current growth rate of IDFC first bank continues and according to this growth rate IDFC first bank could we achieve the level of 300 rupees till 2030 and also could achieve the level of 400 and 500 till 2030 but it depends on the volume of IDFC first bank and depends on the many factors.

Target 2030 Price
T1 Rs.300
T2 Rs.400

[PDF] Download IDFC First Bank Annual Report 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 And 2015

In this section of the post, we will discuss the annual result of idfc first bank. When we decided to invest in any company we must be read the annual report of the previous year of the company for fundamental analysis. But for analyzing the fundamentally annual report we must download the annual report. There is links to download the annual report of idfc first bank is given below.

Annual Report 2018 Download(3.2MB)
Annual Report 2017Download(5.9MB)
Annual Report 2016 Download(8.6MB)
Annual Report 2015Download(187KB)
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Hey Trader/Investor first of all I very thank you to all my visitors to support me. In this post, you learn the target of idfc first bank for 2022, 2025 & 2030. I am sure that, this article will help you to invest in idfc first bank. Friends, please share this article with your friends and learn about share market.

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