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The ideal vertical sound system for your get-togethers

Super Bass Boost and other fun features bring powerful rhythms that will turn the party up.

Powerful Powerful

Super Bass Boost

Powerful sound that everyone will hear

LG XBOOM RN9 generates extra air flow in the back of the speaker to produce powerful basslines that spice up every hangout.

AV-XBOOM-RN9-03-MultiColorLighting-Desktop AV-XBOOM-RN9-03-MultiColorLighting-Mobile-v

Light up the dance floor with multicolor lights

LED lights with different colors change to the rhythm of the music to turn up the energy during your parties.

Sync Sync

Party Strobe

Sync your smartphone with the rhythm

Add more light to your party. Hook up to 3 mobile devices and raise them up as their flashlights flash along to the music beats.

*Esta función solo es compatible con Android.

Take Take

App DJ

Take control of the DJ from the dancefloor

Give every party a unique touch. Activate sound effects from our DJ App (Android or iOS), or take control of the DJ Pad at the top of the sound tower.

Sing Sing

Karaoke Star

Sing loud and clear

Adjust the music and microphone volume separately, lower the vocal track volumes with Voice Canceller and auto tune your voice so it syncs with the music activating the Key Changer. Now everythings set, sing your heart out.

*El micrófono no está incluido.
**El sonido vocal es el volumen del micrófono para tu voz.

Double Double

Wireless Party Link

Double the Fun

Hook up two LG XBOOM RN9s wirelessly to double your audio power. A more powerful sound can only mean one thing: better parties or get-togethers and more fun.

Relive Relive

Party Saver

Relive past parties or get-togethers with your friends

Record and save your DJ playlists in a USB so you can listen to them again anytime. Copy them to another USB, or even send them to your friends via Bluetooth®.

*No tiene almacenamiento interno.

The The


The party can get even louder

Connect your guitar and make everyone dance and sing along. Use USB and radio to play back music.

Share Share

Multi Bluetooth & App LG XBOOM

Share playlist control using our App

Hook up to three devices at once through the XBOOM App. Use any of the connected devices to control a playlist without interrupting the music. Download the app on Google Play or the App Store.

Feel Feel

TV Sound Sync

Feel the thrill of a live concert

Connect the RN9 to your LG TV using Bluetooth® to experience a more powerful sound.

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