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Bangalore provides gold price today in Bangalore. Gold rates per gram 24,22,18,14,10,6 carat; gold price per ounce and gold price per tola.

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Today: 31 August 2021 Gold Price in Bangalore gold


gold GRAMS BangaloreGold Price per Gram [INR]
in Indian rupee
1 GRAM GOLD 24K4,270.504,276.644,255.3514.15
GRAM 22K 3,920.323,925.963,906.4112.99
GRAM 21K 3,736.693,742.063,723.4312.38
GRAM 18K3,202.883,207.483,191.5210.61
GRAM 14K2,498.242,501.832,489.388.28
GRAM 10K1,780.801,783.361,774.485.90
GRAM 6K1,067.631,069.161,063.843.54


gold OUNCES Bangalore Gold Price per Ounce [INR]
in Indian rupee
1 OUNCE 24K132,812.64133,003.49132,341.50440.00
OUNCE 22K 121,922.01122,097.21121,489.49403.92
OUNCE 21K 116,211.06116,378.06115,798.81385.00
OUNCE 18K99,609.4899,752.6299,256.12330.00
OUNCE 14K77,695.4077,807.0477,419.78257.40
OUNCE 10K55,382.8755,462.4655,186.40183.48
OUNCE 6K33,203.1633,250.8733,085.37110.00


gold KILOS Bangalore Gold Price per Kg [INR]
in Indian rupee
1 KILOGRAM GOLD 24K4,270,502.964,276,639.634,255,353.5714,147.91
KILOGRAM 22K 3,920,321.713,925,955.183,906,414.5812,987.78
KILOGRAM 18K3,202,877.223,207,479.723,191,515.1810,610.93
KILOGRAM 14K2,498,244.232,501,834.182,489,381.848,276.53
KILOGRAM 10K1,780,799.731,783,358.721,774,482.445,899.68
KILOGRAM 6K1,067,625.741,069,159.911,063,838.393,536.98


gold TOLAS Bangalore Gold Price per Tola [INR]
in Indian rupee
1 TOLA GOLD 24K49,810.2949,881.8749,633.59165.02
TOLA 22K 45,725.8545,791.5645,563.64151.49
TOLA 18K37,357.7237,411.4037,225.19123.76
TOLA 14K29,139.0229,180.8929,035.6596.54
TOLA 10K20,770.8920,800.7420,697.2168.81
TOLA 6K12,452.5712,470.4712,408.4041.25

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