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Brochure & Information

Information on Currency derivatives products and product specifications. Learn more.


Procedure to apply for membership of Currency Derivative Segment.
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Rules, Regulations & Byelaws

Know the rules, regulations and byelaws w.r.t Currency Derivative segment. Learn more »

Contract Specifications

Know more about clearing and settlement procedures and mechanism Learn more »

Daily Reports

Download the daily reports on Currency Derivatives Learn more »

Historical Data

Get historical contract wise-price volume information.  Learn more »

Clearing & Settlement

Know more about clearing and settlement procedures and mechanism Learn more »

Risk Management

Get information about risk management policies, margins and collaterals. Learn more »

Data & Reports Download

List of Margin and Settlement and Report provided at the end of the day. Learn more »

NSE Circulars

Search important circulars relating to Currency Derivatives, updated at regular intervals. Learn more »

Market Hours and Holidays

Market hours and trading holidays of the Exchange for Currency Derivative Segment Learn more »

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Get in touch with the teams involved in assisting you to be part of Currency Segment. Details

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