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    Im a long-time reader of this chat but I havent contributed until now. This is my reason for logging in and posting: Just mute Mark and Clarissa. Ive frequently seen that their posts offer nothing of substance or fact and are almost always misleading.

    I work as a product manager in the medical device industry and started my post-MBA career as a portfolio manager for a venture capital firm that specialized in early-stage medical technology investment. I did my undergrad work in biology and genetics. VAXART has huge potential. They also carry a lot of risk (like any and all early-stage medical tech companies).

    If youre investing, you should be investing with the understanding that this stock will be a roller-coaster ride. In my opinion, it will move upward as they make progress towards a commercially available solution, but it will undoubtedly give you whiplash if you watch it every day. Opinions on the internet will cause you to doubt your decision. Emotionally-driven investment has one outcome: losing almost everything you put in the market.

    Do your research, establish the FACTS about the company, and keep an eye out for anyone that posts content that is incorrect, misleading, fails to account for the complete picture and all of the factors, or has a clear agenda. Also, anyone who posts are in all CAPS: mute them immediately unless there is something crazy going on, like a major milestone or setback for the company. Cheers!

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    The heel-dragging advance from PI to PII, the silence about the construction and hiring, the maneuvers on the board of directors, indicate management is withholding some important and relevant information from stockholders. Maybe they have been promised something by the government which they cannot reveal, or have signed an NDA with some other huge entity. But this silence is deafening and leads to suspicion. What are all the new employees doing right now? How come VXRT always seems to have about the same amount of cash on hand? What are all their sources of revenue?

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    I understand that Vaxart delayed P2 from Q2 to mid to Early Fall.

    The definition of early fall should be clear.

    - AUG: Late Summer

    - SEP: Early Fall

    - OCT: Fall

    - NOV: Late Fall

    - DEC: Early Winter

    Im betting on the first half of SEP, but no later than end of SEP.

    Im also expecting some drifting(~$9) and a noticeable dip($8.25-$8.75) prior to the new high at $11-$12, all within the next 2 weeks, or 4 weeks in the worst case.

    I will be the first one to leave if it doesnt happen in SEP.

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    Guys, Gals and miscellaneous! I think this thing is going good today. If you look at the history this thing has somewhat stabilized somewhat with small fluctuations up and down! Yes I am with you that I want to see the movement upward, but if its not moving upward I will take the stabilization!! Pantience is important!

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    Mucosal vaccines — fortifying the frontiers- Nature review

    Viral vectors are among the most promising strategies for mucosal vaccination, owing to their capacity for intracellular delivery, versatility and intrinsic immunogenicity. Viral vector strategies are applicable to oral vaccination.

    This is exemplified by the technology from Vaxart, whose oral influenza vaccine candidate VXA-A1.1 utilizes an enterically stable tableted delivery system, carrying a cargo of haemagglutinin encoding adenoviral vectors and a double-stranded RNA adjuvant. Data from phase I (NCT01688297) and phase II (NCT02918006) clinical trials demonstrated that VXA-A1.1 is well tolerated and, crucially for future adenoviral vector strategies, is not hindered by pre-existing adenoviral immunity when given orally114. Oral vaccination with VXA-A1.1 induced superior protection from influenza A virus challenge compared with the conventional intramuscularly delivered FluZone vaccine.

    Proof of concept is done!

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    Vidia Roopchand, Pfizers principal scientist for viral vaccines, discussing the fact that Pfizers vaccine provided some protection against COVID in 12 days, too soon for any adequate antibody response. Hes referring here to the likelihood that the protection was due to some T-cell response:

    The 12-day protection data is telling us theres more to it, Roopchand told Stat. This is a great time to learn. He also indicated that the discovery could affect future vaccine development, regardless of the virus. Before, vaccine candidates would likely get tossed to the side if they didnt produce a strong antibody response in animal testing, but a deeper look at the rest of the immune system could change that approach.

    Whos vaccine generated the strongest ever T-cell response (Killer T-cells at that) in phase 1 trials, and has shown to provide much higher T-cell response than either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines you ask? That would be Vaxart.

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    The dose-ranging part of Phase will be open-label and VXRT could announce data within a few months after dosing as they will be able to track the trial results real time as they reveal themselves using the open-label design.

    The Phase II trial will almost certainly enroll patients who need a booster shot after receiving the mRNA vaccine from either Moderna or Pfizer. The first portion of Phase II is expected to occur in the U.S. with the second portion expanding to overseas with SE Asia and Africa being likely candidate locations.

    The second half of 2021 holds significant promise for VXRT as the Phase II data has the potential to transform the company from an interesting “story stock” to a major player in COVID-19 vaccine development space. 

    The booster data could be huge if the vaccine can protect against the Delta variant. In our view, the recent noravirus data where VXRT demonstrated the ability to boost the immune response in patients who had previously received the VXRT vaccine candidate bodes well for the upcoming booster data in COVID-19

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    We are sitting around $9 trading on very low volumes, before the next leg up.

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    Has anyone on this board heard of a company called RedHill biopharma? Its an Israeli-based company that developed/got approval on Covid-19 pill vaccines few days back. Where is VXRT in this race?

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    Vaccine Approach

    Vaxart’s VAAST™ delivery platform employs a modular approach using a replication-incompetent adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) vector that delivers two payloads to the cells of the mucosal epithelium of the small bowel. One payload is the gene coding for the selected pathogen-specific protein antigen. The other payload, which is always co-delivered, is the gene coding for the Toll Like Receptor-3 (TLR-3) agonist, an adjuvant that activates the innate immune system, and was selected for its ability to stimulate broad immune responses. Every vaccine contains the TLR-3 adjuvant component.

    VAAST = Vector-Adjuvant-Antigen Standardized Technology

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    Fun and maybe very important fact: Today was the LOWEST volume that yielded the LARGEST increase in daily price. Ever.

    The last time this happened was 3/30. It was a higher increase ($0.15) but it took 356K more shares to do it. 3/31 and 4/1 were also the lowest volumes ever that yielded a price increases of $0.26 and $0.05.

    As we know, the tide dramatically turned on 4/20... just two or so trading weeks after.

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    If this company does not make/release “substantial” news and do it soon the consequences can be costly.

    They have been too vague and kicked the can down the road far too long RE: P2. They are a) developing a credibility issue and b) empty statements bring unwanted attention (SEC).

    Also, though Vaxart may have been out front on the importance of T-cells, Pfizer and others are starting to make noise about the same thing. They will succeed in drowning out and over shadowing Vaxart with far superior PR machines. To the point that Vaxart will look like a Johnny-come-lately.

    None of the above is some unique revelation. It’s a dogfight.

    I want nothing more than Vaxart to come out on top, but they need to make serious moves soon.

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    One of the elements that make me even more confident in VXRT is the continuous and steady growth of hiring over the last few months in key business areas: R&D, manufacturing and control, compliance and regulations.

    Investing in Human Capital is a key factor for the development of enterprises.

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    Vaxart is currently trading on tiny volumes, SP is not significant

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    There is another Hit job on Vaxart from Investor Place which is again trying to manipulate the SP so the Shorting Big Hedge Funds can capitalize on making a ton of money Illegally. The SEC and FBI needs to investigate and prosecure these illegal transactions ASAP.

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    Given Pfizers recent acknowledgement of T-cell immunity, I want to point out a paper from May 2021 that also mentions this:


    trials of several vaccines (AstraZeneca,Moderna, Pfizer) have shown substantial efficacy following thefirst dose despite low neutralization titers, with many subjectswith titers from the pre-dose two sample below the lower limitof quantification. This suggests either relatively low neutralizationassay sensitivity or non-neutralizing antibodies and T cellresponses may be functionally important, which is supported bythe evidence that binding antibody titers appear robust at the samepost-Dose 1 time points [11,12] and that Fc functional antibodyresponses play a role in recovery from natural infection [13] andcorrelate with protective efficacy [3]. Basically reiterating theres more to the immune system to fight that things than neutralizing antibodies!

    A correlate of protection (CoP) is urgently needed to expedite development of additional COVID-19 vaccines to meet unprecedented global demand. To ass…

    A correlate of protection (CoP) is urgently needed to expedite development of additional COVID-19 vaccines to meet unprecedented global demand. To ass…


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    Todays CEPIs tweet:

    Staying one step ahead of SARS-CoV-2 requires a multi-pronged scientific approach of:  genetic surveillance  continual laboratory testing of existing vaccines  the development of new vaccine approaches.

    To keep coronavirus at bay we must create a variant proof world.


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    wheres the press from vaxart ie: see we told you so in response to this pfizer t-cell great news ???

    these guys are actually in a comma!!!

    should be opening $10plus but nothing

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